Episcopal Church in Indianola

Exploring God's Mission in our World and Our Lives

All Saints

All Saints church, a congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa celebrates the Holy Eucharist weekly on Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

All are invited! Come!


Our meeting place in Indianola is 500 North Jefferson Way, which is also Highway 65/69, between Euclid and Detroit streets, in the west end of the Subway  shop.  Conveniently located by the Wells Fargo Bank!  Car wash across Jefferson Way! Also La Casa, an excellent Mexican restaurant.  Meeting time is normally 10:30 a.m.

For information about week day and Holy Day services, or any other information, call Fr. Ron Osborne at 515-401-9296 or the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa at 515-277-6165.

The Episcopal Church welcomes you!

This new congregation of the Episcopal Church welcomes everyone.  With the whole Church it delights in diversity.  We seek to be about God's mission, as our Book of Common Prayer puts it, "to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit."   

We are a community of faith which has deep roots.  We believe that ancient prayer remains amazingly contemporary.  We respect and honor tradition, not only in our worship but in inviting the ancient Christian practices of hospitality, prayer, works of mercy, acts of justice, peacemaking, all in our contemporary world with its complexities, while encouraging each other to take faith deeper as the Holy Spirit guides us.

So we explore God's mission in our lives and in the world.

Around ONE Table

Exploring Episcopal Identity

At a time when some are discussing division within the Episcopal Church, this first-of-its kind report uncovers and highlights the commonalities uniting all Episcopalians.

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